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Our Enduro Camp Portugal will allow any adventure rider to learn, improve, or reconnect with their off-road skills!

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Our Enduro Camp Portugal will allow any adventure rider to learn, improve, or reconnect with their off-road skills!

Check out our regularly scheduled training here. All the remaining trainings are available at your request.

If you are looking to get world-class off-road instruction in adventure riding heaven from a certified enduro instructor with many years of experience, that is also specialized in adv, trail, and dual-sport bikes, our adv training school in Portugal is just what you are looking for!

However, if you are into off-road, but enduro, motocross, or even super-cross are your passion, no worries, we have you covered! Our certified head instructor is not only certified in enduro, but also specialized in body position, and will provide you the tools you need to take your riding to a different level, regardless if you are an amateur or a seasoned pro!

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We pride ourselves on producing some of the best adventure riding training in the world, that's why ACPAutomobile Club of Portugal - has chosen us to be their official off-road motorcycle training partner.

Browse over our extended curriculum, and see for yourself how seriously we take your off-road instruction.

Our dedicated trainings will allow you to fully immerse yourself in specific techniques, instead of getting to train them for just a little bit during a highly compacted level training.



 At the BN Enduro Camp Portugal, we understand that each rider has unique difficulties, and you should get to address them directly, and in-depth.

That is why our enduro school created days of off-road instruction dedicate to specific techniques.

We address: 

  • Tall-bike training
  • Braking training
  • Cornering training
  • Hill training
  • Balance training



Learning adventure riding at an enduro school is very different from going out on your own and learning by trial and error.

Not only is the latter exponentially more dangerous, but also more time consuming, and prone to develop evolutionary plateaus and technical mistakes.

If our dedicated trainings aim to cut down on learning time in a safe way, with the help of our off-road instructors, our one-on-one classes will make the trial and error option look like a slingshot in a gunfight.

Join one of our enduro instructors in our Enduro Camp Portugal in the beautiful Alentejo and learn how it feels to be a pro with a dedicated team!



Based in the beautiful Alentejo - Portugal, 15 minutes away from Cercal do Alentejo and surrounded by miles of pristine off-road paired with world-class food and drinks, our Enduro Camp - that can be found here - offers you not only several exercises but also a private and public area perfect for accommodating our extensive curriculum while allowing you to enjoy the incredible location we are on!

Our Enduro Camp is managed by our head Instructor, Zé Duarte; an Enduro Action Team certified Enduro Instructor, as well as a certified Instructor by the Portuguese IEFP, that started teaching adventure riding in 2012.

Our curriculum was designed to englobe more than just riding techniques to accommodate every aspect of your riding needs. 

First-aid, basic and field mechanics, expedition preparations, ergonomics, respect for the environment, and more are topics we cover in the many workshops we prepare every year.

If you want to learn how to make the most out of your Dual-sport or Adventure bike, the BN Enduro Camp is the Adventure school you need!

Still unclear on if the BN Enduro Camp Portugal is for you?  


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If you still have questions about your adventure riding needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We have vast experience guiding riders in their off-road development and getting them where they want to get in their adventure riding.

Let us know your questions, and we will gladly advise you on the best training for you in our curriculum.

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