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Do you have an enduro, dual-sport, or adventure bike, and love venturing off-road, but find your confidence, consistency, and safety are all over the place, often feeling tired and apprehensive when riding off-road?

It's a common scenario for those who haven't engaged in formal off-road training, deeply explored riding techniques, or found themselves bewildered by the overwhelming and often contradictory flood of information online.

This book on the fundamentals of leisure off-road riding is a comprehensive, technical manual that aims to provide an A to Z guide on topics such as track respect and technique from the perspective of biomechanics, physics, and biology, opening doors you didn't even know existed. This is not a simple "how to" book, but more a detailed "let's understand why we must do things in the way we do" approach.

Sure, body positioning and movement are major topics covered, but they are just a drop in the ocean of information about off-road motorcycles that we all should understand.

Thus, this book, while not a comic strip or a step-by-step illustration of "how to do this or that," is perfect for any recreational user, as well as for amateur competitors without access to coaches or trainers who still wish to deepen their off-road riding knowledge.

Suitable for bikes like:

- ADV or adventure
- Trail
- Dual sport
- Enduro

Suitable for riders who are:

- Recreational
- Adventure travelers
- Competing amateurs

Suitable for terrains like:

- Open and uncharted in an adventure setting
- Shared trails
- Tracks


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