Rider Rating System

If you have not read the considerations and assumptions used for this rating system, please make sure you read them before continuing to the rate system. 


Start by determining your baseline by relating it to how you feel after finishing an average street ride. Identify your fatigue and stress levels, your ability to multitask if needed, and how many rest breaks you typically take.

Now match your baseline to any of the classes of terrains, and determine your skill level in that specific class.

As an example, if you ride in moderate terrain and you are exhausted (as compared to your baseline) and crash often, then you are a rookie at the moderate terrain level.



Rate yourself as a rookie if two or more of the following situations are true:

  • Falls or near misses are frequent
  • You crash or have frequent near-crashes
  • You are exhausted, or find yourself using a lot of energy to ride
  • You expect (or do) receive terrain damage to the motorcycle (ie. pinch flats, bent rims, severely damaged skid plates, etc.)
  • You are unable to multitask while riding, if needed



You are transitioning towards proficiency if:

  • Tip overs, falls and near misses are infrequent
  • You are not damaging your motorcycle due to the terrain
  • Riding the terrain is not tiring
  • Breaks are needed for food, not for resting
  • You are capable of multitasking while riding



Consider yourself proficient if:

  • You do not fall, nor have near misses
  • You do not expect nor receive any damage to the motorcycle due to the terrain (ie. pinch flats, bent rims, severely damaged skid plates)
  • You use very little energy to ride
  • You only need food, weather, or stretching breaks and do not need breaks for resting
  • You can easily multitask while riding, if needed