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Did you just get a new adventure or dual-sport bike, and can't wait to hit the TET, the ACT, or any other event or known track around your area?

The Express training is for you!

Although the Express training can never replace our level training, nor the specific technique training, we managed to compress six days of training into two, so you can be ready to hit the trails faster.

Because it is fiscally impossible to teach 48 hours of techniques, tricks, and tips in 16, this training follows an exceptionally unique schedule.

We will go over the basics such as:

  • Triangular position
  • Emergency braking
  • Cornering
  • Hills

While explaining to you:

  • The safety envelope this training will give you
  • Clear instructions as to what you can train on your own afterward to continue improving
  • Basic principles of more advanced maneuvers so you are aware of what lies ahead

With a clear understanding of basic techniques as well as of will be needed to evolve, you are bound to understand precisely what you know and what you don't, giving you a big safety net to start your off-road adventures.

As we are compacting a considerable amount of information is only two days, this training is the most physically intense of our curriculum, with a class cadence much higher than we usually do.

You don't need to be super fit or an athlete to complete our Express training successfully, anyone can do it, but be prepared for two high-intensity days without many rests stops, and with a great deal of information being delivered.

To achieve our training goals, you will be allowed less time to practice per exercise, and activities like ergonomic adjustments will have to be skipped, even though they will be taught and spoken of.

If you are in a rush to start riding, and you don't want to lose one second of off-road fun, then this training is all you have been searching for!

As far as tires are concerned, we strongly recommend a 50-50 tire, with no need for seriously knobbies.

Our Express training values are for two full training days from 09:00 to 16:00 at our Enduro Camp facility in the Alentejo.


The value includes:

  • Two lunches
  • Water, and snacks during the class
  • Mandatory personal accident insurance for the training days
  • Experient and certified Enduro instructor

Our class does NOT include:

  • Sleeping arrangements, although we can recommend a hotel we work with
  • Gasoline
  • Dinner and breakfast, possible to have in the hotel as part of their service
  • Bike rentals. We do not rent or arrange bikes for trainings at this point.

As with all our trainings, if you have any questions you would like to see answered before booking your training, send us an e-mail and we will be more than happy to help!


This training is suited for Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 types of terrain.

Verify the classes of terrains and rider rating system for more information.


As long as the weather allows, we work all year round. So just book a class and we will get in touch to find a suitable date for you. If you prefer, you can also get in touch with us beforehand by email to check for free dates.

Group classes are usually of up to 6 riders. If you have your own group of more than 6, please get in touch. 

Check our available dates, and if there are no available dates when you want/need them, get in touch with us.


There is nothing worst than having a class to learn something, just to realize you and your instructor cannot understand each other. We know, we have been there, both as instructors and students.

With this in mind, we decided to stick to what we know down to the core, so our classes are hosted in both Portuguese and/or English.


Everything has rules, and our trainings and tours are no different, so let's go over what you need to know to attend this training.

You will need:

  • At least a 50-50 tire, designated as is by its respective manufacturer ( recommend)
  • An integral helmet that is not modular
  • Protection gloves
  • A suit or assorted protections capable of protecting your back, upper and lower members
  • A mid-calf or full-calf boot, preferentially, off-road biased

If you have any doubts about the gear or tires, let us know before you sign up for the class, as our instructors and guides have the right to refuse your participation in any of our activities, without reimbursement, if you do not present yourself with the minimum required safety gear.

As far as gas is concerned, it is important that you know that our Enduro Camp is 15 minutes away from the closest gas station and that we do not store extra gasoline on the camp. 

This means that it is your responsibility to arrive with a full tank, or enough for at least 100kms or 60miles before the start of any activity. 

The minimum quantity of fuel may vary depending on the activity, but it will always be disclosed to you beforehand.

Even though we are always flexible, due to the distance of the gas station, and out of respect for the instructors and the remaining participants, we generally cannot delay the start of any activity due to any participant's lack of fuel, the same way that there is no guarantee that any staff member will be available to escort you to the fuel station.

So get your bike fueled up, get your gear on, and come enjoy this incredible training!

Payment, cancelation and refunds:

Reservations are only possible with full payment, or with a 50% deposit at the time of the reservation.

Full payment must be completed within at least 30 days before the beginning of the training.

Payment Delay: After being notified to make a payment, the client has 10 working days to carry this out. If payment is not fulfilled until then, BN ceases to secure your place and reserves the right to cancel your reservation.

Cancellation of the training by BN:
 If BN cancels the training; all participants will be reimbursed with the full amount paid until the moment of cancelation.

BN can cancel any training up to 15 days before the beginning date in case of an insufficient number of participants. In this case, the participant will be immediately notified, and his payments will be fully refunded, which constitutes full settlement.

Withdrawal notice is received more than 30 days before the training: the participant must pay 15 Euros as a cancellation fee.

Withdrawal notice is received between 30 and 15 days before the training: The participant must pay 50% of the full payment, as a cancellation fee.

Withdrawal less than 15 days before the training: If the withdrawal takes place within the 15 days prior to the training date, BN shall not return any payments and the customer must pay the full amount of the training. 

BN reserves the right to cancel or stop any training if for any reason the safety or comfort of the participants is not guaranteed, including force majeure as riots, floods, earthquakes, etc. 

We recommend subscribing travel insurance that covers the costs of a possible cancellation of any training/tour.

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    Tito d.
    I recommend this product

    Insightful and empowering!!!

    I’m not exactly a newbie, but my son is starting to ride with me, so I decided to attend an off road course with him. Having attended more then a few off road courses myself, I was surprised to learn so many new things, that not only helped boost my son’s confidence, but also improve my own. The instructor's passion for teaching is unparalleled!! His pleasure feeds 100% on seeing you learn and realise riding off road is not that hard after all! Thank you Zé Duarte! Couldn’t recommend it more!!! Just do it! ; )~

    Duarte J.
    Portugal Portugal
    I recommend this product

    Mandatory training to every adventure riders

    This training module made a world of differerence to me. I started as a novice rider with a huge lack of confidence and along the training my levels of confidence where increasing in an amazing way. This module has the perfect balance of theory and practice and in the end its amazing the quantity of information that I precessed. The instructor is remarcable, he explains not only what to do in every exercise but also why we do it with lots of patiente, good mood and simpathy. This were probably two of the worthiest day of learning I've ever had and I highly recommend. Thanks Zé

    Agustin M.
    Portugal Portugal
    I recommend this product

    Great start to my off-road adventure!

    Perfect training for anyone looking to get into off-road riding in a short period of time. Two days full of theory and practice with an amazing instructor that not only tells you ‘what’ and ‘how’ to do things, but also the ‘why’ behind all the different exercises and body positioning. Looking forward to improving my skills with some of the other courses available!

    Portugal Portugal
    I recommend this product

    Atenção ao detalhe

    O treino foi top! O campo de treinos está cheio de exercícios, o circuito de testes a volta da barragem é incrível, mas o que me surpreendeu mais foi o detalhe das explicações. Foi muito mais do que um faz isto ou aquilo com todas as formas que o Zé têm para nos fazer experiênciar as técnicas certas e erradas para entendermos os benefícios de fazer as coisas bem. Foi uma experiência fantástica que me ajudou a ver o que e a minha mota podemos fazer juntos, aconselho!

    João M.
    Portugal Portugal
    I recommend this product

    From 0 to 50, back to 1 :)

    Did 2 days of One on One training and went from 0 experience offroad to riding at 50 and back to very slow to practice static balance :) Great patient teacher, with clear instructions and ease of understanding. Very good conditions on school grounds to practice the exercises. Beautiful landscapes and trails around the school to start exploring. Highly recommended!