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MX, SX, and Enduro tend to be very unique sports in the way we as riders grow into them.

For the large majority, it starts with friends or family helping out, giving support and guidance, and it's up to us as riders to go out there and try to be faster than everyone else.

It is usually only much further in competitive careers, at a Pro factory level, that many riders encounter their first technique coaches, physical coaches, nutritionists, and the remainder of a professional team helping them.


Listen to the example of Todd Waters, Australian Champion, on how training with a pro changed his life, even after being already racing at a Pro level.


Our Competition Training is not aimed to provide you with a full team, but with a certified Enduro instructor that will help you in your body positioning, the core feature of any rider wishing to race at a higher level.

It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned Pro, an Amateur Racer, or just a weekend warrior, this training is for you!

There are many theories, bad habits, and misinformation regarding body position, and to help you clear out all the noise, the BN team, by the hand of its Certified Enduro Instructor, certified by the 2x World Champion Bernd Himer and his EAT School, has developed our Competition Training, that is suited for all MX, SX, Enduro, and Trail riders!

But how does our Competition Training work?

We start by having a small meeting in which we will set your goals, wishes and current situation.

With that set, we move on to a test training session, where you will not only be given a lot of information, but also a detailed breakdown of what are your problem areas, and where you should focus your efforts in order to improve.

Once we have all that info and you have the feel for our teaching methods, we move towards creating a training schedule that suits you and your needs.

We can train every week, or every month, it is up to you!

The idea of our Competition Training is not to break your bank, or to put an extra expense in what is already an expensive sport. Our aim is to be able to give you as much value as possible in a continued way, for as little monetary commitment as possible.

We also offer our Competition Training to any group in Madeira, Açores, or anywhere else on earth.

The value of 100 Euros shown is for the initial meeting and test training session that usually goes around 2 hours.

Values for on-going trainings will be disclosed at a later date, and calculated in accordance with your goals and training periodicity.

As with all our trainings, if you have any questions you would like to see answered before booking your a Competition Training evaluation send us an e-mail and we will be more than happy to help, and don't forget to read the additional information on the remaining tabs!

Training sites:

As our Competition Training is racing focused, regardless if you are a Pro or an enthusiast, any track that suits your sport will do. 


Competition Training can happen at any date we have free on our schedule, that works all year round, 7 days a week.

The best way for you to know if we have availability is to get in touch with us!


The Competition Training evaluation have a price of 100€ per rider, and is meant to be for one rider only.

For anyone wishing to do joint Competition Trainings, get in touch with us.

For training where flights or hotels for more than one night are required, the flight price, as well as hotels, will be added to the final value.

Depending on where the training will take place, it may also be necessary to add the value of a rental bike, or that a bike is arranged for our instructor. 

For clear quotations for yourself or your group, please get in touch.

Who is it for:

If you fit within any of these focus groups, then our Competition Training may be for you:

  • Beginner MX, SX, or Enduro riders looking to improove their safety and skill on the track
  • Amateur MX, SX, or Enduro riders looking to improove their competitive skills
  • Pro MX, SX, or Enduro riders looking to improove their competitive edge
Payment, cancelation, and refunds:

Following you will find the specific rules of this training, being that any omission, will be covered by the general refund policy.

Reservations are only possible with full payment.

Full payment must be completed within at least 7 days before the beginning of the training. No training will happen without full payment, nor will we accept payments in cash at the training site.

Payment Delay: If payment is not fulfilled until then, BN ceases to secure your place and reserves the right to cancel your reservation.

Cancellation of the training by BN:
 If BN cancels the training; all participants will be reimbursed with the full amount paid until the moment of cancelation.

BN can cancel any training up to 10 days before the beginning date in case of an insufficient number of participants. In this case, the participant will be immediately notified, and his payments will be fully refunded, which constitutes a full settlement.

Withdrawal notice from the participant is received more than 10 days before the training: the participant must pay 25 Euros as a cancellation fee.

Withdrawal notice from the participant is received between 10 and 3 days before the training: The participant must pay 50% of the full payment, as a cancellation fee.

Withdrawal notice from the participant less than 3 days before the training: If the withdrawal takes place within 3 days before the training date, BN shall not return any payments and the customer must pay the full amount of the training. 

One and-one-only rescheduled date will be given to any client that withdraws themselves from an already paid training date, before cancelation fees are applied. Any rescheduled date must be within 6 months of the original training date.

BN reserves the right to cancel or stop any training if for any reason the safety or comfort of the participants is not guaranteed, including force majeure such as riots, floods, earthquakes, etc. In case of cancelation for safety or comfort issues, no refund will be available, but BN will propose one, and one alone alternative date to complete the remaining of the training. BN will not be liable for any hotels or any other kind of expenses a safety cancelation may force.

We recommend subscribing to travel insurance that covers the costs of a possible cancellation of any training/tour.

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