• What is your refund policy on your trainings and tours?

    Please consult our refund policy page by pressing the link.

    • Where do your products ship from?

    We have fulfillment centers in multiple countries, so although we try to make sure your products are shipped from the most convenient location to you, custom charges may apply.

    We try very hard to make sure all orders are shipped from the same continent they were ordered from, however, due to stock availability or other similar limitations, our system will route your request to the fastest possible centre, which may imply intercontinental shipping.

    This means there may be additional customs duties fees if your order gets shipped from overseas.

    We do however, try to always talk with you first before letting our system route it in a way it may have additional costs for you, regardless we are not always able to do so.

    • Can I pitch article ideas for the motorcycle blog?
      Of course!

      Send us an email, and share your ideas and thoughts for the motorcycle blog.

      It is not a guarantee we will immediately write an article on that, nor that we will do one all together, but you will always get an answer, and you might even get your question answered directly onto your email!

      • Why can I see prices in my own currency, but I have to pay in Euros?


      We work on a Shopify base, and their system only allows for payments to be done in one currency.

      Since we are based in Portugal and our coin is the Euro, ultimately, that is the currency you will have to pay in, regardless of the one you choose to browse on.

      • You state all prices have tax included, however on my purchase no taxes were showed. Does that mean I will have an extra value to pay in the future?


      All prices have taxes included when taxes need to be applied, as tax laws and tax values change from country to country.

      That means that the price of your items plus shipping, if shipping is needed, is the one and only value you will be asked to pay.

      If you buy a day, or several days at our EnduroCamp, any extras not included in our package will be charged on location, but that information is displayed at every single one of our EnduroCamp offers.

      • I want to order an item, but I cannot select my country in checkout, what can I do?

      At the moment, we are only able to ship items to the US, and to the EU member states.

      We hope in the future to be able to ship to more countries, however, at the moment we are not equipped to do so.

      As far as any of the motorcycle enduro camp classes are concerned, as those are not bound to shipping, they can be purchased from anywhere in the world.

      If you prefer to make your order via e-mail instead of over our online shop, that is also possible.

      • Do you offer free shipping?

      We offer free shipping on all orders over 75€.

      • Can I add multiple discount codes?

      Sadly no. Discount codes cannot be bundled together, but you are free to use the one that is the most beneficial to you!

      However if a product is on sale, you can use your discount code on that product and get the lowest price possible!

      • How long should I wait for my products to arrive?

      On average orders should arrive within a week, however, orders can take up to 10 days for delivery.

      Longer time periods may apply if intercontinental shipping will be required.

      Please keep in mind that once your products are in the hands of the delivery company, BN can no longer be responsible for any delays on their behalf.

      • What is your return policy?

      We stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee our workmanship 100%. Any defects or errors on our part will result in a replacement at no charge.

      We do not accept returns due to user error such as incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, etc.

      We also advise you to read our terms as well as our refund section.

      • Are your t-shirts and sweater preshrunk?

      Most of our sweaters are indeed preshrunk. 

      Our t-shirts are not preshrunk, however the use of ringspun cotton gives them a stretchy soft feel and durability that tends to outlive shrinkage when compared to 100% cotton and even some "preshrunk" t-shirts.

      Regardless, we always recommend cold washing both the t-shirts and the sweaters. This will boost the lifespan of the products allowing them to retain its shape, print quality and softness longer.

      • If I picked the wrong size and/or color, can I change it?

      Due to our automated process, any requests to change an order must be submitted before the item has entered production. 

      From the moment the order has processed, you have until the next production upload to hold the order. Production uploads occur at 6 am, 10 am and 1 pm Monday through Friday.

      • I'm between two sizes, what should I do?

      On the product page, you will see a hyperlink to the specific size chart, that will help you decide.

      From our experience, and considering the slimmer fit of our products, if you sit in the middle of two sizes or prefer roomier cloths, we advise you to choose a size above for extra comfort and better fit.

      • I have a question I can't find on the FAQs

      If you have any inquiries that are not answered here, please use the contact us page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!