AFGear recommendations


At BN we mainly focus on teaching, but we also help our students and others find gear over our concierge program, and we do all of this because we love bikes!

That means we like bike stuff, which means we regularly find ourselves down big rabbit holes of not only dedicated gear store websites, but also Alibaba and Amazon pages.

With that in mind, we decided to tailor some products for you, ranging from easy and cheap replacement parts and/or ideas for your bike, to strong brand name materials from renowned names in the motorcycle and adventure world.

These are affiliate links, so we will make a penny if you buy something, and for that, we thank you, but our main idea is to share ideias and products, and for you to have as much fun seeing those and imagining them on your bike as we did.

We divided our choices into 3 categories, so don't forget to check them all:


- Accessories
- Bags & Panniers
- ADV Camping


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