The fundamentals of leisure off-road riding on two wheels

The Fundamentals of Leisure Off-Road Riding on Two Wheels
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About the book

Do you own an enduro, dual-sport, or adventure bike and love the thrill of off-road exploration? Do you sometimes struggle with confidence, consistency, and safety, feeling fatigued and apprehensive during your rides?

You're not alone. Many riders face these challenges without formal off-road training or a solid understanding of riding techniques, as the flood of contradictory information online can be overwhelming and confusing.

Introducing The Fundamentals of Leisure Off-Road Riding on Two Wheels—your ultimate guide to mastering the art of recreational off-roading. This comprehensive book covers essential topics like track respect and technique through the lenses of biomechanics, physics, and biology. It opens doors to new knowledge and skills you never knew existed.

While body positioning and movement are crucial, they are just a small part of the vast ocean of information about off-road motorcycles that every rider should know.

This book is not just another comic strip or step-by-step tutorial. It's a detailed resource perfect for recreational riders and amateur competitors who don't have access to coaches or trainers but still wish to deepen their off-road riding expertise.

Unlock the secrets of off-road riding and elevate your skills with this essential guide. Whether you're venturing into new territories or refining your technique, The Fundamentals of Leisure Off-Road Riding on Two Wheels is your go-to resource for a safer, more confident, and exhilarating off-road experience.

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What People Are Saying

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Dave Sanders

"Really a fabulous, useful piece of work! Congratulations and thank you. I will be a much better, safer rider than I would have been had I not met you, taken your course, and read the book. More training to come for me!"

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Miguel Reis

"After many years away from two wheels, when I returned, I wanted professional help, and I couldn't be happier with the choice I made! I corrected mistakes, learned many new things, and learned a lot that I didn't even realize I needed to know, but now, I never want to forget. Excellent work, many congratulations!"

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Luis Capote

"I would like to take this opportunity to say that I have already read your book, which I thought was fantastic because it goes along with what we talked about in the express course. There is nothing on the market that explains the basics to those just starting out in this world. Congratulations!"


About Zé

Meet Zé, a renowned instructor in the field of off-road riding with years of experience and numerous accolades to his name. His expertise has transformed the skills and confidence of countless riders, helping them conquer trails with ease. This book captures the essence of Zé's teachings, offering a comprehensive guide to off-road riding.

At Enduro Camp Portugal, Zé's passion for off-road riding shines through. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced rider aiming to fine-tune your skills, Zé's instruction is invaluable.

Why Learn from Zé?

Experience and Expertise: Zé brings years of hands-on experience and professional training to every session. His unique approach combines biomechanics, physics, and biology to provide a holistic understanding of off-road riding.

Personalized Instruction: Zé understands that every rider is unique. His training sessions are tailored to address riders' needs, whether in one-on-one or group settings, ensuring you get the most out of your learning experience. This approach and care shine through in the book as well!

If reading is not enough for you, get in touch and book training or a tour. But if you want to complement your learning, then look no further and get yourself this unique manual in the world of adventure riding.